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New CST Test Lab for Powder Feeding & Convey

Syncro USA, LLC has begun construction on a new customer test lab for the CST Line of powder feeding, conveying and storage products in their facility in Antioch, IL. The lab is designed to run customer material tests with documentation and training.
When complete in May 2018, the lab will include:

  • CST C-ONE Stand Alone Volumetric and Gravimetric Single Screw Powder Feeders
  • CST C-TWYN Stand Alone Gravimetric Twin Screw Powder Feeders
  • CST C-VIBRO Stand Alone Gravimetric Vibratory Feeder for flakes or powders
  • CST SMARLEX Stand Alone Gravimetric Single Screw Feeder with a flexible hopper and kneading paddle designed for hard to feed materials.
  • CST C-MULTY Modular Multi Component Feeding Station combining any number of components above for a combined loss in weight feeding system up to eight ingredients.
  • C-CONVY Vacuum Receiver for Powder with FDA certified cartridges, air jet cleaning, and leak proof seals.
  • CST C-VIEW-4.0 PLC Based Supervisory Control System.
  • SYNCRO SYBlend Continuous Gravimetric Blender for resin pellets.
  • Side channel and Positive Displacement vacuum units with dilute, pressure and dense phase Convey Systems.
  • Other upgrades include an expanded parts storage space, and customer training room.

SYNCRO-CST is the powder division of SYNCRO GROUP, the global leader in auxiliary equipment engineering and blown and cast extrusion complete supervision systems. SYNCRO-CST offers a global sales and service network, and engineers turn-key handling and feeding plants for bulk materials.



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